Another New Direction

I (Katye) have never really had a bucket list.I mean, at one point I wanted to see all 5 Great Lakes….I made it  to 4. For your information, it kinda goes downhill after Lake Superior.

But as time has gone on, I have made it to places and experienced things I never expected. I spent a semester in Greece….not on the bucket list, but that semester succeeded in catapulting me into a love for travel, not for travel’s sake, but because each new country has new people with new stories, new customs, new ways of bringing God glory, and new demonstrations of a fallen people who need a Savior. I’ve rocked Afghani babies, had dinner with Syrian families, worshipped the Lord with Greeks, picked olives with a Jordanian friend, shared my testimony through a translator, laughed at “What does the Fox Say” with a Turkish man, and shared about our families with a Palestinian woman.

I sit in wonder at these experiences…because they’re not things I set out to do. Moving to Birmingham is another thing I didn’t have on the list. But God has put it on the list-and I am so very grateful. I look forward with eager expectation for what He will do. He already knows the people we will live next-door to, the families we’ll meet at the park, the roles we will play at Grace Church, and the days when I’ll wonder what on earth we got ourselves into.

Please join us in praying:

-That we may finish well in Chicago. In August we’ll be leaving jobs and a church which has been a huge blessing to us. God has made it clear that it’s our time to leave, but it’s a challenge to leave the congregation that has become dear to us.

-That we may be fully funded to leave in August. We need to have all of our funds pledged before we’re allowed to buy plane tickets. It’s nerve-wracking, but a lesson in trust, to be sure.

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