Farewell Chicago

Lest we view our farewell of Chicago with rose-colored glasses, we were reminded again yesterday of the reality of the violence of the city we have called home. Along with the beautiful skylines and friendly neighbors, come the reality of a broken world. Sirens and gunshots. Mourning and loss.

And so we say farewell to the city of beautiful parks and remarkable buildings, the city of corrupt politicians and turf wars. And we ready ourselves for the beautiful and the painful of another home. For the brokenness of this world to show itself after we have admired the cute sheep and the historic architecture. Because, though we’ll have a different address, we will continue to live in a city marred by humans rebelling against God’s way for our lives.

Will and I have found ourselves in the places some would never dream of going, the South Side of Chicago, the Middle East, and now as we head to a popular tourist destination, our thoughts are not much different than they were in those locations. It will be hard some days, and some days will be beautiful, but it’s where God has called us to, and that’s the most exciting thing we could dream of. I’m not sure what we’ll be be trading the sound of gunshots for, but our hearts will break and we will love and live in our new home.

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