Showing the Love of Christ

There are so many details that go into moving internationally. We have been flooded with things that we need to do: raise financial support, raise prayer support, apply for visas, apply for school, learn how to move with a baby, learn about a new culture, make a budget, buy plane and train tickets, and figure out what to do with all the stuff we cannot bring. There are so many things that need to be done, that I (Will) would probably forget that I need a place to live once I actually get to England.

Thankfully, Katye has much better foresight than me and a closer attention to those types of details. However, we still have no idea how to navigate leasing an apartment in another country, especially when we are several thousand miles away. We mostly figured this was just another part of missionary work and we would just have to figure it out somehow. Then we were confronted with wondering what things we had to bring and how to get the necessary things we need once we are there, and mostly hoped there would be a good thrift store by our home.

As we started wondering about these things we were told that the church we are going to serve with is already helping us to find a place to live and to furnish it. We have Skyped with someone who is visiting apartments for us and helping us to navigate the leasing process. Then we got an email from another church member who had compiled a large list of necessities and many luxuries for our apartment, ranging from place-mats to a bed for Judah. Several church members have already filled in slots to show that they are giving, lending, or even buying these items for us. We had no idea anyone would be helping us so greatly and didn’t even think to ask.

It is an incredible relief to have help with finding an apartment and Katye and I have both been brought to tears while looking over the list of supplies. This morning, I had a devotional with some of my co-workers and John 14 stood out to me. In this chapter Jesus promises that he is leaving to prepare a place for his followers. To make a home for them in His Father’s house.

I am gaining a slightly new understanding of the beauty of this promise as we are having a home prepared for us in England. I am also astounded by the love I feel from our new church. Without us even asking several people have taken it upon themselves to actively show us the love of Christ by welcoming us to a new home.

2 thoughts on “Showing the Love of Christ

  1. We cannot wait to have you all here!!! Praying for the final push of preparations, good farewells and safe journeys.
    Lots of love xxxx

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    1. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to be there!

      Kate xxx

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