Smooth Travels

As it approaches 8:30pm, we will soon have been in England for a full 24 hours. Before I (Will) write anything about our flights or our observations and experiences, I want to express again how incredibly thank full Katye and I are for all the support we have been given. It is so clear to us that we would not have made it here if it we didn’t have so very many people helping in incredible ways. Thank you for your support, your prayers, your giving, or your friendship as we have stepped out into where we believe God is calling us for the next bit!

Well, our journey started with us having to move all our belongings out of Chicago and up to a family members house in Wisconsin on Friday. Now with my entire body sore several days later, I must ask whether hard wood furniture is actually worth it. We did run into a few hiccups in the beginning: I rode my bike to the wrong U-Haul pickup location, and we accidently rented a U-Haul that was too small. However, after adding a few miles to my morning ride and playing a giant game of Tetris, we had most everything loaded up and a plan for how to get the rest where it needed to be. We said farewell to our friends that helped us pack and headed off to Wisconsin.

On Saturday we took the four-hour long drive back down to Chicago and packed a few remaining things that were in our apartment. Then we said Goodbye to our home and headed to the airport. By the time our plane boarded at 11:00 in the night we already felt that we had finished a very long day, but it was only the beginning. Judah took the time waiting to walk around the international terminal at O’Hare and say goodbye to everyone he came across. He did an amazing job being awake several hours after his regular bedtime and we are so proud of him. Although, he was pretty sad that he could not pet the “Kitty” (which is what he called the police dog). Eventually we got on the plane and focused on making sure that Judah was able to sleep on our laps, which means we got very little sleep. 6.5 hours later we finally landed in Iceland where we had a 4-hour layover. It turned out to be a pretty nice time. I got to have some coffee, Katye took a nap, and Judah was given his first lollipop from one of the older kids he became friends with.

I got the privilege to go through border control to receive a piece of luggage that was accidentally sent to baggage claim rather than being forwarded to England. So, I now have a stamp from Iceland added to my collection in my Passport!

Finally, we got to board our last flight and Judah slept nearly the whole way into England and Katye and I even got a nice little nap or two in. We were picked up by Stu (the associate pastor of Grace Church) in London and he drove us to our home for the next few days in Birmingham. We have been so blessed to be given a place to live while the family is on holiday. It is a beautiful home with plenty of toys for Judah to play with and explore.

So thank you everyone who prayed for us and our travels. There were many opportunities for things to go horribly wrong, for delays, and for fights. But thankfully, this blog post was pretty boring.

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